Baby & Toddler Gymboree Party Package

Hi there! Just wanna share with all of you one of the party package that might interest you mommies out there.

My first initial idea was to host my boy party at Gymboree but it was too costly and you aren’t allowed to bring outside food (main dish). I love the concept of our yet- to -walk- properly boy to have his freedom to have fun via the concept of learn and play. After long thinking… why not host it at our own home comfort. Less hassle and you can invite as many guests you want plus serve any dish! Being Malaysian and Asian, YES food is crucial tau! Not only for the kids but also for the parents! hehehe

I shall share my experince in hosting my own boy 1st Superheroes Gymboree Party soon but today just to share what a2ppl have available for you to rent from us!

Our toddler home Gymboree Party set inclusive of, ball pitch area + foto backdrop + kangaroo climber + birthday poster + bouncing dear + giant football + 16 pieces of safety floor matt + bouncing ball. Price packages begin at RM300 (not inclusive of delivery charges).

If you are interested to know more do email to OR wassaapp me at 017-8829794!

Deposit is required upon booking!




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