It’s almost Party Time!

March pass by just like that!

Been planning for this theme since we watched the Movie last November 2013 and hunting for Elsa’s costume was such a hassle. It seems that everywhere is “sold out” and you cannot even find the dolls in Malaysia anymore. Should have bought it when my daughter requested it last few months back. Sigh…still got the picture taken of her holding Elsa and Anna doll at KLCC ToysRus.

Anyway, finally we decided to custom made our costume, a simple glittery dress.

Not sure either my niece has finally decided or not she will either be Anna or Elsa?! But my daughter would definitely be Queen Elsa. She has been soo excited with it. Too bad we cannot invite everyone in her school…adoii.

Well this was supposed to be published before the party…😂

Anyway the party was successfully hosted at Gamba Cafe last week on 28th April. A month after Sarah’s actual birthday 10th March.

I’ll blog about the party in my next entry meanwhile here are some of the prep pictures taken b4 the party. 😙

Sarah’s pinata🎀🎁
Mama sealed and inserted string at the top of the box and let Sarah painted the boring old box into one of her creative art paintings.

First pick 2 of your favourite color of streamers. Fold it into palm size and cut along the half part. For us it will be light blue and pink.
Then paste it from bottom to up. Not up to bottom ya. The effect will be different.
This is how it’ll look like when you paste bottom to up
Wallaaa done. Now mix all sweets into a box and pour it in.


Sealed it but remember not to strong we don’t want the kids having a hard time to break the seal.
Her home made pinata! The best part is we can reuse it!!
This is very easy for a last min/no time to do the proper paper marche. We totally recommend mommies out there to try it!

Good luck.



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