Jalan-Jalan Cari Party Venue : Air Terjun Kemensah

This time A2PPL would like to bring our reader to a very quite serene area of Sungai Kemensah, Ulu Kelang Selangor. Yupe..it is not far from our base.. that is why A2PPL is more than happy to take this opportunity to go scouting the area and decorate for our client.

It is located about 2-3km in from Zoo Negara. Just go straight and you will notice the road getting narrower. It would be a good idea for you and guests to drive a smaller car. We had a few panic moments when suddenly two cars meet. The narrow stretch is along the river so one car has to stop to let the other one pass by. We noticed less car in the morning and loads by the afternoon. So plan wisely.

This location is suitable ‘only’ for those who are nature lover. I do not recommend this to urban kinda host. Your guest would either complain its hot or they won’t enjoy the sticky hot weather. But if you come early in the morning the air is very cooling and we loved it.

Here are some of the picas taken during our scouting last 2 weeks. The chalets are available for rental as low as rm50 per day. You and guest can swim in the river and later on have a BBQ in the middle of the mini tropical forest.

They have a man made BBQ pit, a surau and of course toilets. So we think it is still a good place to host a picnic party with your loved ones!

Team A2PPL is ready to deco your chalets. Just pm us 0178829794 or 0122001905.

Enjoy the the pictures!

The river is by the chalets but the waterfalls is on the other side.










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