Jalan-jalan Cari Party Venue : Penang Village GE Mall

Hi there everyone. Been busy in and out of hospitals and outstation last January and without realising it’s February! Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Well last week we went to check out Penang Village at GE mall ampang. Was looking for a checkered floor actually to match a theme. Too bad the checkered flooring was only at the entrance!


We were greeted by the manager and he showed us around. The restaurant served all kind of food from western to eastern la like nasi-nasi and lauk-lauk. We loved the black and white concept.

It seems that this is one of party goers places to host either their small just 10 of us mini party, baby shower or you can block the whole restaurant!

Our main visit was to check-out the private room. It was not bad at all. Eventhough they have recently modified the place, we ADORE that wide windows all around the room. Talk about natural lighting huh! 🙂





The manager even showed to me that our famous Dato’Siti Nurhaliza loved to dine here!

A2PPL review of this private room:
1. Location wise it is very strategic located at the ampang road towards the city. Parking is convenient and the fee is only rm1.
2. The room can cater 24 seating guests around the round table and up ro 45 pax if mix standing free flow. No buffet is allowed though. Ala carte’ only. You can order lauk2 and nasi.
3. If you have more than 50 pax then you can have the buffet style. You guests area are extended melimpah luar bilik.
4. Deco wise…nice for red and black or white black deco.
5. You can even make use of the small area by the window for the kids area.
6. Minimum order should be ard rm1.5k. 50% of your deposit is required upon making your food order.
7. Booking can be done by calling the restaurant.
8. For those with kids theme it is quite convenient coz you can move to kidsportz at one floor down.
9. Balloon preparation n desserts selections are easier done here as you are near Alexis restaurant and BalloonBuzz at the LG and G.

Final verdict. Worth a try to host a medium size party with 45 pax and below.

Leave your comments if you think this entry is helpful for ur party’s venue selection.

Next entry..jkids at Ikano.


3 thoughts on “Jalan-jalan Cari Party Venue : Penang Village GE Mall

  1. Im quite interested. Kindly give ur contact number in order for me to inquire more about ur place. My phone nbr is 017 477 4359

    thank you

  2. YESS!!!! VERY HELPFUL INDEED!!! thank God i found ur blog. im actually looking for a venue, i think i already shorlisted 2 venue… Penag Village in GE Mall or Marmalade Solaris Dutamas. since im thrwoing a bday party for a 4 and 2 yrs old boys for 50 pax only.

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