Jalan-Jalan Cari Party Venue : Venue Recommendation Hello Deer by Wondermilk

We have been following their instagram since dunno when and what caught our attention is always how their team deco their cakes and cupcakes.

And then there is a beautiful decorated venue with their gorgeous party concept and food!! Perfect! A good combo party package for those who loved  detailed party deco and photography!

It was a little bit confusing for us to find this outlet at first as we were not familiar with Damansara Uptown. But here’s some tips – iyou must by pass Tropicana Mall on you left hand side before making a u turn. There is one OCBC bank by the corner and you are nearby already.

The Wondermilk team were decorating the Hello Deer for a Bohemian Party Theme that late noon and they keep telling us to email us for inquiries. BUT being a people person “I” couldn’t stand waiting and writing an email….I prefer to drop by and check the venue with my own eyes. When finally satisfied, we then managed to talk with one of the staff in that room about the party packages.

“We” managed to have look at the venue. A rectangle room with wooden floor, mirrored wall, bricks wall and fully air-conditioned. Decorated with bulb light and full of lanterns and garland flags. Loved the venue, even though it looked kindda small and narrow in the picture, you can actually host a comfy party for minimum 20 pax. They mentioned to us that the venue can fit up to 80pax but..it would be too crowded unless they arranged it like this blogs we bumped into.

Here and here …or just Google lah LOL!

The ever ready backgrounds and structure of the room is nicely done. They cater food with max around rm60 per adult! Decorations is not inclusive but they will add up!

Got the food party package..Can share with you guys out there or you could just email to Wondermilk yourself. hellodeerbywondermilk@gmail.com.

Satisfied with the site visit, loved it too bad all April dates are taken. Distance wise is quite far, as my client preference is still nearby Jln Duta.

Hahaha enjoy the pic ok!

Hello Deer

Hello Deer

From outside, it is a shop lot turned into a function venue sort of concept

From outside, it is a shop lot turned into a function venue sort of concept

Noticed the black board?

Noticed the black board?

ilovehellodear10ilovehellodear9 ilovehellodear8 ilovehellodear7

the side view

the side view


view from inside

view from inside


Here is some of their instagram picas when the venue is nicely doll up!

wondermilk instagram

wondermilk instagram

Recommendation by A2PPL : should grab this venue. Trust their deco team. I  dah berangan ni nak host party my kid. Haha! But budget mesti besar!



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