“Jalan-Jalan Cari Party Venue” Venue Recommendation : Wondermilk

Hi again! If your search landed on our site then we’re pretty sure you are as excited as we were, to know more on this newly craze cake + party restaurant  “WONDERMILK”. We first noticed the existence of Wondermilk somewhere end of last year…the LOLA layered buttercream purple, green and dark pink similar to rainbow cake.

Anyway, our client is interested to host a tea party for her daughter at first and A2PPL had actually went out scouting for a tea garden concept restaurant to match the theme….and yes it is still in our nikon camera tak upload lagi.

Last week sil confirmed on the party date and she asked me about a place that I’ve mentioned before (ok I had literally try talking everybody to check that place out ) haha!

So today we had the oportunity to start  a few site visit and here are the pictures on our visit this morning.




wondermilk11wondermilk7 - Copywondermilk6 - Copywondermilk8wondermilk10wondermilk5 - Copy


We then went to their Publika outlet and this is how it looks like…


Too bad no reservation/blocking the area for a party. Unless you can arrive all everyone at the same time. (Honestly I still think the open area is ok to host a small gath…cuma panas la sket. And yes bole je you dtg with all the balloon and sit..adhoc partykan?)

The food….cakes and cupcakes are definitely cantik and amazing! We loved their rainbow cupcakes and each cost RM4.50. While the famous lola cake is RM70. They have it ready so you can either walkin to buy it or order first.

Their main meals are a little bit more towards youngsters and 30yrs old plus.


Served on a tin plate with baking paper. My kids loved em..but for me it is more sesuai for lepaking or tea time.

Do we recommend? Yes if you love the vintage deco and their adorable diy concept and colorful yummylicious cakes!

But wait…not at their outlets but at Hello Deer. Next to wondermilk pj damansara outlets. Cool lah! Genius!

Till the next entry kay… 😉



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