Target Party venue


I’ve been eyeing this venue since early this year. Loved the concept selling cakes and at the same time can host ur dream theme party. Looking forward to host elli’s birthday here if still available! I’ll update you guys later once i’m done with my jln-jln party venue survey for my elli’s mom tommorow. They have 3 outlets. One in in citta mall and the best is of course at pj “hello deer” damansara uptown. Aaa i might host one of my kids party here too lah! But lets see how elli’s birthday party would be like. I am looking fwd to see their quotation for 20pax. I hope they do cater for small party. Btw. So far we are judging from its cover. Never tried their cakes n visit the venues yet. Sure you all nak tau jugak kan? Ok tungguu ..i promise as soon as i finish my visit tomorrow – i’ll update this blog! Keah..i wish i have a car to go now actually hahah! “Wondermilk” get ready a2ppl is coming to give u a visit and venue review :p Till then. Cioa’ XOXO a2ppl


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