Planning for a low budget party!!

My own daughter’s 6th party is coming soon…10th March 2013! She requested for a mermaid theme party! Her dad said NO party this year….and the rest of the year but as usual mommy come to the rescue and yes we are having a mermaid party! Muhahah

BUT the party will be just a small party, I promised that to her dad!

Searching for all mermaid party supplies is kinda tough here in Malaysia, therefore A2PPL this time will stick to simple concept and challenge myself to minimized the budget as much as I can. How about RM1,500 for the whole party huh?? Lets see…

Venue: Homestay location with a pool (yeay!) – booked

Day & Time : blocked

No of pax: Prime family members 15 adults, 4 kids, 3 toddlers and 2 babies + 2 maids

No of pax (bff and bfc) : 3 adults and 3 kids and 1 baby

25 pax jela.

Deco: Helium balloons + animated balloon (1 or 2 depending on budget)

Candy buffet: choc fountain,fruits kebab, fruits bouquet, bamboo biscuits, jelly beans, choc cuppies and birthday cake.

Party packs : 15

Food: I was thinking of hiring a staff to assist my maid during that party lah…coz everyone will be busy with our kids especially its near the pool side!

Ok let the party planning begin!








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