Hi there, A2PPL has been receiving a lot of emails requesting for quotation.

As you all know we are a new player in the party planning market in Malaysia and of course to match our motto, we try our best to give the best affordable packages to you.

Today had a chat with a friend of mine who hired a professional party planner near klang valley (I shall not mention their label here) to host her kids’ party and it was such a sad story that I actually cringed listening to it. It could have been us?! Erkk..but yet really appreciate her feedback to that particular label…a lesson learn for us too…among those that was highlighted were:

1. Taste of the Party Planner – must ensure the class is at top notch! Presentation of the whole concept must be according to the theme.

2. The caterer – must ensure the quality of food is not only delicious but also prepared fresh and looks good.

3. The Deco – must ensure all printings are high quality and presentable.

4. The Service – must be punctual in preparing the setting up process.

5. Mingling – to respect our host’s function and not to mingle around like your own function! LOL…haha yang ni memang I tepuk kepala when I heard this complain,

6. The after service – to ensure no sink clogs by your caterer!

The results due to poor service and deco, food will caused humiliation to the host. That is really bad…

So my dear clients, A2PPL will try our best not to be like that label.

A2PPL only recommends those caterer that we have personally tried it on, the best recommended cakes and our party supplies come from the famous party shop in town or some ordered directly from the UK.

As to meet our client’s party expectation, once 20% deposit is paid from the agreed draft quotation I will personally come and visit the venue before quoting the final price.

Personally, I love party planning sooo much that I don’t mind paying extra for my kids party! As long my guests are happy and our kids enjoy their own party. Oh yeahh since I am a photo addict as well I pay extra attention to the detailing of the set up till the birthday boy/girl costume! I might advice what is necessary and what is not – you think the premium package is a bit too high. The market price out there for a complete party could start from RM5k (without tent) and above.

Don’t be afraid…just wassapp me if you need to discuss one to one.

Yada yada…




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