We are 1 year old on wordpress!

Happy New Year 2013!
Yes we are exactly one year old on wordpress.com!

Its been a great year 2012 building up our a2ppl to mass audience!

Alhamdulillah an greatful for all the rental and parties participated with throughout 2012.

Starting with Sarah’s 5th Barbie Party, Aqib’s 1st Blocks Superheroes Party, Aqeqah Aqib &Zayyan, Aqeqah Imran Irfan Hannah and Aqib, Candy Buffet Ainur Qaleesya 2nd Birthday and final one is Airell’s 1st Birthday Candy Buffet.

Rental for pool party by clients from subang jaya and shah alam, rental party props for Zayyan & Ilhan’s Big Brother & Little Brother  and table rental for SP Auto.

A2PPL is just starting to bloom out of our comfort box with the hope to cater more kids party in Klang Valley.

With the motto “Now Everyone Can Host a Fabulous Party” we believed no matter at what budget you have we will try and assist to host an affordable but fab party ehhyy?!! In Shaa Allah. That is A2PPL intention!

This year party Resolution :
1. More party venue recommendation will be updated for your little private party..with the ready on restaurant’s ambiance.
2. More standardize party theme concept props to be ordered and available to rent.
3. To order more party deco – alpha wood wordings, mini popcorn machine, pop cake machine, and of course pomspoms!
4. Mini Jumping Castle
5. Establish our co-branding and associates with printable company, party supplies and baker.

GOOD LUCK to us!

Muhaha Happy New Year!



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