Party Books: CelebraTORI & POP Party

Remember that I blogged about this book earlier? Well I finally got it early June 2012 together with this sweet POP Party Book!

Loved both book very much!

I was looking for the pop cake in Malaysia but noticed that our local market only do the basic dark chocolate and white chocolate sprinkle with rainbow ice pop cake lah! Let’s hope one day a2ppl will be able to try and bake their own creative pop cake like those in the POP CAKE book! At the moment rest aa waiting for the oven!

Meanwhile my favourite party studio shared this book…and I’d like to shared it here too…can’t wait for the book to arrive in our locak book stores!

The book focuses more on home hosting party/function! Perfect for Host-Your-Own-Party (HYOP) DIY mommies like me out there!




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