The 5th Barbie Party

Sorry it took me a while to finally have the time to update on my own daughter’s 5th Birthday Party last 10th March 2012 – Saturday.

It is way long over due heheh…

The party story

She loved to watch youtube video on how to make up like a Barbie doll,

She’ll secretly play with my make up especially my blusher and eye shadows and dance in front of our wardrobe mirror,

She loved pretending and dressing up like a princess,

I thought why not treat her and friends for a fabulous SPA Party or Barbie Walk of Fame Party aight?

This time it is a PARTY for her – a treat from us, not to the adults!


Like what I blogged earlier, it was supposed to be a spa party but due to some renovation matters at Feffy’s Kids Spa, I went and check this Barbie Store at Midvalley which offers a good deal of a party packages…starting with minimum of 10 kids! (we took the minimum package and add in the adults meals in). It’s totally a western concept where the party focuses on the kids activities instead of adults. So if you are more a conservative kinda individual it is not advisable to host your party here…even the food is for the kids only, parents/guardian who accompanied the child is not inclusive…but being me I loved to have the guardian/parents to stay (at least one adult to look out for their kid) and would loved Sarah’s grandparents to be there so we add in some additional adult menu. We are not allowed to bring any food from home only some cuppies and apam polka dot. Others are all inclusive in the party package.

The Date

Somehow I don’t know why both of my kids birthday dates falls on a Saturday this year, meaning this is my only chance to host a party on the actual birthday date. It’s crucial for me therefore I’ll do anything to stick to these dates. After this you won’t have the same chance kan? and I hate hosting a function on a Sunday! hehehe so we blocked 10th March 2012.

The preparation

For this party, I had to be well prepared since January 2012. Secured my booking and paid the deposit in Jan.. Discuss with the organizer on the party arrangements. Ordered the red velvet cuppies, prepared the birthday garland and cupcake toppers from my well known associate and of course start distributing the invitation to Sarah’s kindie friends through teachers at her kindie. Had everything ready one day before the event even the 10 helium balloons! Even though it is not hosted at home, I still emphasize on my deco! Touch up sikit from the original package!

The Invitation

This part was very difficult, actually every birthday is very difficult coz I have such a big family but I know if I to do a massive party and I invite everybody – I wouldn’t have the budget to prepare exclusive personalized goodies to them kan? I’ve learn that from Sarah’s massive 3rd pool birthday party…(even though I didn’t invite 100% of my cousins) but it was to large and costly for us already.

So this year, I let Sarah to choose her own guest to her party…and the lucky guests were Elli, Ilhan, Luqman, Dania, Maysya, Maisarah, Damia, Atiqah, Sofia,Hannah and Puteri. Surprisingly all accepted the invitation! Mommies semua excited jugak tau! ๐Ÿ™‚

eh..BUT one day before my kids reach their 12th birthday ye, I hope i can host a big personalized party for both of them..inviting all my family members cousins, office mates and friends (tak tinggal sorang pun).

The Deco

I loved to emphasize on the party decoration, my mom once told me that people attended your party they will focus on the menu to eat…not the deco hahaha…that is why from then on wards…I prefer to cater my food instead of self-prepared…as I will always want to focus with my party decos! I focus with what I loved to do la kan! BUT of course food mesti sedap-sedap too.

The Budget. Party Package

You might think it is expensive, but if you sit and calculate carefully it is actually cheaper as they prepared everything for you, you just come and have fun tau!

The basic package price starts at RM600 and can reach up to RM1,400 inclusive of 2 hours venue,invitation cards, photographer, kids food, adult food, party packs, birthday cake, activity facilitators, make-up for all kids and special dress for the birthday girl to wear. We are talking about 10 kids here. If you want to add kids, it will cost you additional RM80 -120 depending on the package u choose for 1 kid….tula I stick to 10 hahahha..
(if you want to know further do pm me)

The Photographer

They don’t allowed you to take any pictures during the party at all, strictly no cameras…and the sad part is the package inclusive of 50 pictures only meaning from all the shots taken it was very difficult to choose tau ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and if you want extra they charged you RM5 per picture. I loved the pictures so much that it took me a while to finally choose the final pictures. Tu la lambat…sob sob..I think it is not fair, just give us all the softcopies la…!! grrrr bab ni tak puas hati! But am glad that other mommies dapat snap some pics with their hp hehe. Naughty us!

The Party

It was all highly anticipated….geared up with matching pink,black or white concept for the parents and the kids. Everyone dress up accordingly,baru la best! sporting guest is always fun to invite! So enough of the party reports, lets have fun browsing the official so called exclusive BARBIE pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

Party starts at 10am to 12pm.




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