Customized Aqeqah Goody Bag

A2PPL were given a task to prepare a paper bag with each of us contributing an item to be inserted into it.

Being the lover of nice, beautiful and thematic souvenirs –  this is what  A2PPL came out with, a customized printed sticker by our well-known associate on a baby blue polka dot craft paper bags.



If interested to order your set from us please place your order at least 2 months in advance. We will advice you on the sample design.

We can even supply you a set of goody bag complete with Personalised Yasin, Mineral water customized label, sugar cookies with personalised label and of course the paper bag!

PM us for price -can either be in set of packages or individual items.

Minimum order is 150 pieces.

Do you like it? I think it looks cute! Not bad for our first attempt! 🙂




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