Rainbow Theme Printable – Mineral Water

Hi there, my SIL is organizing her 1st BIG BASH BBLB party this July 14th (hehe the theme will be revealed after the event lah-nanti tak surprise), and I know the feeling of wanting to do “it” but at the back of our mind we know it would be such a waste to incurred that cost. For example ordering a mineral water printable…coz I always thought sayangnya it will end up in the bin unless the individual keep reusing the bottle kan?? But it would look soooooo good on the party buffet table, the party goody bags kan?

So I hope my SIL likes what I’ve found online free for her mineral water – DO IT YOURSELF! Just print and paste on your preffered mineral water bottle!

Walla! Sharing with all other Mommies yang nak buat theme Rainbow ni!! 🙂

rainbowwaterbottles (try download here if cannot drop a message I’ll fwd the file personally!)

 Suka tak? hehehe happy pasting…and party planning!




4 thoughts on “Rainbow Theme Printable – Mineral Water

    • Hi Stacey. Oh i’m not sure about that. Only noticed from the original shared site that it is fixed. We can now do it on our own sofrware if personalised.

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