Party Venue Recommendation : Feffy’s Kids Spa

Yes……I’ve been wanting to blog about this venue since Dec 2011 for my daughter’s 5th birthday party but were informed that they’ll be closing from March onwards so I’ve decided to secured the party at Barbie Store Midvalley instead…and true enough currently as I am writing this review they are officially closed for renovation.

Hmmmpph….I guess the place should look different from the photos that I’ve taken during my survey..Takpala enjoy je la..ya? 🙂

I first discovered this place somewhere early 2011 (yupe I am that advance in organizing that early…mestila nak survey-survey harga and location so we can plan how the deco and function should be like)

It is located at Solaris Mount Kiara.

It’s a nice kids spa located at 1st floor among the shop lots at Solaris MK.

When we were checking it out, there is an expatriate kid’s birthday party going on! (such a luck for me to see how Feffy handle the kids party).

Feffy’s concept is more to all white and pink deco, there are a few sofa, changing room for the kids to play dress up, 2 dressing table decorated with the furs and 2 facial bed.

I quite like it, as it has this “at home” feeling – suitable for a private party just you and the kids… playing around, being done up, pedi medi and others.

I love the canopy chair very much….and I do know if i got my hands on this place, it can surely be a fabulous pink and white spa party.

Come, let’s have a look at the picture of  Feffy’s Kids Spa.

                                                                                        This is the entrance

The packages offered ranges from RM70 per head and above. They do cater for boys as well!

Minimum no of X pax to block the whole venue.

They allow birthday cake and light food to be served in the spa. If you want to have heavy lunch served, they served it downstairs at one of the restaurants below (not inclusive in the party packages)

Party shop is just infront of this spa,so no problem for helium balloon to be used in this spa party deco :))

 A2PPL can help you arrange the party on your behalf. Just gimme a buzz and we’ll arrange for you.

A2PPL. 🙂

Can’t wait to visit the newly renovated Feffy!

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