Adult Party @ Floral Cafe

I just loved this classic elegant concept by this restaurant designer!

Totally recommended for “adults only” functions coz the place is full of white cushions/seats and fine dining settings! So no-no for kids party ok people.

The food served varies from Malay to western style. Rating : OK

I can already visualize the  setting for this party, the white and purple balloon tied up at each alternate chairs, an exclusive candy/snack buffet at one corner, ice-carving sculpture at the entrance and of course some photo backdrop near the “white tree”. Marvellous kan?

Oh yes some classic modern music as the background!

I’ve seen a “baby shower” hosted here and it was beautiful!! The pictures taken prove that it  a cool place for an adult function!

The elegant chandelier!

Interested? Share you opinion if you like it, or just “like” this entry :))

Review & Recommendation by

A2PPL 2012


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